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My New Dress

One of my goals in life is to be able to make my own clothes. I’d love to be able to go through a magazine and find something that I love and just be able to make it the next day. Think of how fabulous and one of a kind my wardrobe could be?! It will be awesome, there’s no doubt about that.

A couple of months ago, I got this fabric that screamed “Maxi Dress” to me, but since I have practically no experience with sewing yet, I’ve been very hesitant to actually try to make this dress. I love this fabric so much and didn’t want to ruin it. Yesterday I made myself just do it. How am I going to be a fabulous clothes maker if I’m too afraid to make any clothes? Obviously, I’ll have lessons to learn in sewing, I might as well get started.

The dress turned out amazing except for a couple of things. The biggest problem is that where I added length to the dress was in the waist line. I didn’t think about how that was going to affect the measurements. Now the waist line basically goes all the way down to my hips and the dress is far too small for me. I didn’t have any extra fabric to let it out at all and the dress really was made well, so I decided to leave it as is.

Now I won’t fit into this dress until my hips measure around 37 inches. Right now they’re about 44 inches. I honestly cannot remember the last time that I measured 37 inches around my hips. This may end up being an eventual goal dress. I may have to weigh around 120 to even fit into it. 46 whole pounds away.

This made me really sad. It seems like everything in my life is on hold until I can lose the weight. My clothes don’t fit me all the well, I’m allowing myself to buy new clothes only as I’m losing weight. I want to dread my hair, but that’s a milestone weight loss reward. I want to learn gymnastics, but my weight puts me at greater risk for injury. There are many others goals and dreams that I have that require me to lose weight. I know that I’m actually on the right track, but this was just one more thing that I can’t have right now.

I spent the entire last year working so hard on losing weight. I was in the gym everyday for hours at a time and I lost a bunch of weight. I never reached my goal and was never quite thin enough. Always in the back of my mind I thought, “Just 20 more pounds”. Now, a year later I have 46 pounds to go. Sometimes it gets me depressed.

This new diet seems like the key to success. Last year I managed to lose all the weight despite my horrible eating habits because I was in the gym. Now I’m losing weight because of my eating habits. If I were to continue losing weight at this rate I should lose all the weight I want within the next 5 months. I really hope that I do. I guess I have a patience problem too.