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A Thanksgiving (Dinner) Grump

Is it really Thanksgiving today? I woke up this morning and all the internet is a buzz with Turkey fever. Part of me feels like the Scrooge of Thanksgiving this year. It’s not that I’m not thankful for things in my life, I’m just so over this holiday business.

Particularly what I’m so over is the fact that I never really have a say in what my holidays are going to be like. Holidays are days of obligation to other people’s plans.

My excitement for Thanksgiving has also decreased significantly since adopting this vegan diet. Earlier this week I had a pre-Thanksgiving dinner with my family who went out of town for the holiday. The meal was yummy for sure, but shortly after dinner and the subsequent 3 hours were spent with intense stomach cramps. I’m really not to eager to repeat that experience. I suppose my body really is adjusting to the new diet. The food I used to eat makes me sick now.

BUT I also know that because this diet is still new(ish) I absolutely cannot show up to Thanksgiving dinner and not eat the food they’ve slaved over. At this point it would be incredibly snobby and insulting to them.

If my diet was motivated by the fight against animal cruelty and I refused to eat meat on principle, perhaps I could get away without eating. Alas, my purposes are health related and my whole family knows that I have small cheats once in a while. The problem is Thanksgiving dinner could hardly be considered a small cheat.

It seems like pretty much every status in my Facebook and twitter feeds is about excitement for the Thanksgiving FEAST. Other years I would be content to stuff my face full of food in one sitting, but right now the idea of that turns my stomach. So if nothing else, this year I intend to control my portion sizes. My new plan is from here on out I’ll be as consistent as possible so next year I won’t have to eat a typical Thanksgiving dinner.

Haha, I love how I’m being strategic about getting out of Thanksgiving dinner. Who does that?