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Oh my gosh… PHOTOSHOP!!!

Okay, so I’ve had this software on my computer for over a year now and I just discovered it last night. I’ve known forever that you can do great things with the program, but I’ve been so intimidated by the interface that I’ve shied away from it. After being disappointed by the options available to me on fotoflexer.com I made up my mind to just suffer through learning some basics on photoshop. 4 hours later… I’m never going back. I think I might be a little obsessed even! Oh the tutorials that are to come!!! I’m going to be a photoshop god, I swear it.

Here are some pictures I edited last night. 🙂


Oh yeah, we make our own Sushi!

Say hello to two emerging Sushi Artists!

Thanksgiving Pictures

I desperately need a new camera. I was so disappointed with my Thanksgiving pictures. I managed to get a few that weren’t blurry, but my camera is blurring soooo many of my pictures. AND no matter how many times I clean the lens I still manage to get these weird spots on my photos. Well, it’s going to have to do until I can afford a new one. It’s on the priority list for sure.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get good pictures of everyone, but here are the keepers.

And of course there was only ONE picture of me the whole night and Brooklyn isn’t even looking at the camera. Oh well, hopefully the Christmas pictures will be better.