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A Thanksgiving (Dinner) Grump

Is it really Thanksgiving today? I woke up this morning and all the internet is a buzz with Turkey fever. Part of me feels like the Scrooge of Thanksgiving this year. It’s not that I’m not thankful for things in my life, I’m just so over this holiday business.

Particularly what I’m so over is the fact that I never really have a say in what my holidays are going to be like. Holidays are days of obligation to other people’s plans.

My excitement for Thanksgiving has also decreased significantly since adopting this vegan diet. Earlier this week I had a pre-Thanksgiving dinner with my family who went out of town for the holiday. The meal was yummy for sure, but shortly after dinner and the subsequent 3 hours were spent with intense stomach cramps. I’m really not to eager to repeat that experience. I suppose my body really is adjusting to the new diet. The food I used to eat makes me sick now.

BUT I also know that because this diet is still new(ish) I absolutely cannot show up to Thanksgiving dinner and not eat the food they’ve slaved over. At this point it would be incredibly snobby and insulting to them.

If my diet was motivated by the fight against animal cruelty and I refused to eat meat on principle, perhaps I could get away without eating. Alas, my purposes are health related and my whole family knows that I have small cheats once in a while. The problem is Thanksgiving dinner could hardly be considered a small cheat.

It seems like pretty much every status in my Facebook and twitter feeds is about excitement for the Thanksgiving FEAST. Other years I would be content to stuff my face full of food in one sitting, but right now the idea of that turns my stomach. So if nothing else, this year I intend to control my portion sizes. My new plan is from here on out I’ll be as consistent as possible so next year I won’t have to eat a typical Thanksgiving dinner.

Haha, I love how I’m being strategic about getting out of Thanksgiving dinner. Who does that?


sick sick sick…

Bleh, I don’t think I’ve felt this sick in a long time. Or more specifically, I don’t think I’ve felt this kind of sickness in so long. It’s the kind where your sinuses are so clogged that you have a constant flow of tears running down your cheeks and snot running out your nose. It would not surprise me at all if my whole head exploded from the pressure.

It’s so lame to be stuck in bed, but I need to be getting better so I’m taking care. I read about this lady who eats a vegan diet, and whenever she or her family get sick, they switch to completely raw foods and usually their sickness doesn’t last long at all. I haven’t been doing that, in fact being sick has made me a little bit vulnerable to cheating on my diet. I remembered that last night and I figure it’s worth a shot to get me back in working order.

3 Weeks Down

I’m proud to say that I’ve completed 3 weeks on the diet and today I weighed in at … 166!!! That means that I’ve lost 7 pounds! Honestly, I’m still amazed that I’m eating so much more than I was before and the pounds continue to disappear. I still get all discouraged if I’ve eaten “too much”, feeling like I’ve just blown another diet opportunity. But this diet obviously doesn’t work that way.

I’m still mostly interested in what results I can get after 8 weeks of being faithful to this diet. Then I can know for sure if this diet has more long term results. I’m already used to seeing results after a couple weeks of trying just about anything new. 8 weeks means something different.

What I’m not used to is seeing results after eating as much as I am and basically no efforts in the gym. My goal for this week will be to bring the exercise back. If the diet alone is producing results, kicking my ass in the gym should only contribute more. I would really love it if I could lose 20 pounds in the 8 week period. I’ve already lost 7, now I have 13 to go in 5 weeks to meet that goal.

As long as I continue to drop weight, I’ll be happy. 🙂 I still have 46 pounds before I reach my goal weight.

Nervous For Tomorrow

So tomorrow I weigh in again. It will mark three weeks on the whole foods diet (no animal products and limited sugar and processed oils). So far my weight has continued to drop even though I haven’t really done a darn thing except change my eating habits. I started out at around 173 and at my last weigh in earlier this week I was down to 168. I really shouldn’t complain about losing 5 pounds in just over two weeks.

I keep feeling like I’m not doing enough to lose weight. Even though I haven’t weighed in, I feel like I must have gained weight because I’ve been eating so much food. I’m so used to restrictive diets that I feel like I must be over indulging now and therefore will pay on the scale later. I’ve thought this before every weigh in and yet I’ve continued to drop.

I need to give myself a reality check here and just calm down. Or better yet, just put on those expensive running shoes and jog off this stress. My workouts haven’t been consistent at all since I’ve started this diet. I’m probably just getting antsy.


Down 3 pounds on the new diet. This is amazing. I’ve hit my first weight loss goal so tomorrow I’m getting a mani/pedi.

I’ve gone back and forth with my motivation level for doing a whole foods, plant based diet for a very long time. I think that up until now, I’ve just always checked out mentally before I really gave it a try. Perhaps I was so afraid of failure, or I wasn’t ready to really commit to a healthy lifestyle to get the healthy body that I want. Not anymore baby!

I decided to give it a go after watching “Forks Over Knives”. If you’re interested, it’s available on instant play on Netflix. There was a lot of compelling information in the documentary about a whole foods, plant based diet and several examples of normal people who adopted the diet and saw incredible results. I decided to commit to 8 weeks on the diet.

I don’t expect to never struggle again with diet. Hardly. But these last 4 days and subsequent weight loss have been pretty encouraging. There’s been an element of detoxing involved and that’s probably not the funnest part of this diet, but that should go away soon if it hasn’t already.

Let me tell you, I’ve been eating so much food. Anytime I’m hungry I’ll eat a bowl of fruit or something. I keep eating so much food that I think, “great, now I’m going to screw up this diet too by overindulging”, and yet I wake up every morning feeling ravenous.

I keep thinking that giving up meat, dairy, excessive sugar, and refined oils is such a small sacrifice when in return you can lose weight, have more energy, and be proactive about your health. I’m just in such a great mood. 🙂

A Bodybuilder’s Commitment

As I’m sure you know, if you start lifting weights it can be pretty intimidating to be around those huge body builders. They can get so intense! Personally, I don’t understand why someone would want to get that huge, but there is no question about it, these people are dedicated to their bodies.

The other day I overheard a short conversation between two of these body builders about preparing for shows. This guy said that in preparation for a show he was cutting out carbs entirely for that week. She responded with, “Even vegetables?” and he confirmed that he was cutting vegetables. Then that was it. They moved on. There was no questioning his commitment level.

To the nearby listener, you just knew that he would be follow that diet restriction to the letter. This guy wasn’t a cheater, because he was committed to his body, and his diet was to help that. There was no weakness. It wasn’t even a bold declaration or anything. Just a statement of truth. He isn’t a prisoner to his poor eating habits. It was extremely motivating.

I don’t want to be a body builder. I don’t even want to cut carbs from my diet. But I do want to have ultimate dedication to my body. I’m ready to have control over my diet for real. I had it at one time last year, and then I got so caught up in trying to reach a specific number on the scale that I forgot about some of the basics of a healthy, in control diet. I’m back.


The scale can be so frustrating. You can’t completely trust it! Weight loss in general totally screws with my endearment for math. Math was always my favorite subject in school because there isn’t any middle ground for the right answer. You’re either right, or you’re wrong. I’m not so fond of things that are subjective, or things that you can’t count on. Weight loss is definitely something you can’t count on.

So today I find myself 4 pounds lighter than I was 3 days ago. Great, right? No. It totally freaks me out. On the one hand, now I’ve only got 14 pounds to lose. So I can re-do all my math for the rest of the year giving me less calories to burn each week, or a greater allowance for food. Maybe a few binge days won’t kill me? I’m getting ready for my Halloween party already!

But then I remember that this is what I’ve been doing all year long. This is why I haven’t stuck to a diet and still find myself plagued with a food addiction. I’ll be good for a few days and see positive results, then sabotage myself. I could get all psychological with you and say that I do this because I’m not ready to reach this goal. Sometimes I do wonder. This is the thinnest I’ve been since my sophomore year of high school. I’ve gotten so comfortable at being overweight that to actually reach and maintain my goal weight seems so foreign.

I think that my problem with food started when I was very young. Some of my favorite memories as a child were when my Dad would take us girls to Roger’s Bakery in the morning before school. They sold these huge, delicious cinnamon rolls. It always made us happy to enjoy something so yummy together. Also, at any opportunity, I remember begging my Dad to take us to the local convenience store for candies and treats. My Dad loved to make us happy and would indulge us. And of course when you’re a kid and you clean you’re plate, you get a desert. These things made me associate the feeling of happiness with treats and having a full belly. I think it’s that way for many people.

So now when I’ve had a not so great day at work, or I’m disappointed with my weight loss progress, or dealing with some other stress; I turn to food in a big way. Even recently there have been days where I’ve eaten in moderation all day, only to hard core binge at night. I remember in the last month or so, when I had one of these days I actually counted up all the calories that I had consumed. Normally I wouldn’t bother counting the calories and chalk it up to a bad day for weight loss. I counted around 1500 for my day, and then 3500 for my night time binge. 3500 calories is a whole pound! I certainly have never burned that many calories in one day, but I’m perfectly capable of eating it! It’s sickening. No wonder I found myself that overweight.

Also, something I keep coming back to is the idea that once I’ve lost all the weight I’ll be able to eat normally. What do I really feel is eating normally? I’ve proven to myself that “normal” for me is eating so much that I’ve gained 50 pounds in the last 8 years. In fact “I still want to eat normally” is something that I hear from a lot of people who are on the weight loss path. People are so afraid of changing their diet for real, not just for a period of weight loss. We feel as if we deserve the reward of eating more than our bodies can handle. We’re doing ourselves such a disservice!

It’s time to accept reality. The reality is that it will NEVER be okay for me to binge. It will NEVER be okay for me to be so ignorant of what I’m eating that I’ve overdone my calorie budget in a big way. It will NEVER be okay for me to stuff myself silly at a meal. What an unhealthy habit I have! I’ll eat my meals until my stomach hurts from filling it so full. I’m punishing myself all the time. It’s time that I treat myself right. Though other people’s issues with food may be different from mine, I know that I’m not alone in this. I encourage everyone to really take an honest look at what you’re eating and choose to eat to live, rather than living to eat.