Welcome Baby Charlie!

I have a new nephew! Poor Steph hasn’t had the easiest pregnancy and we got the call on Friday that she would be induced into labor that evening. Expecting a long labor ahead of her, we didn’t set out on our 12 hour journey to Utah until she gave us the call that her water broke.

Just three hours later, Charlie was born! My sister was a such a rockstar. I’m so impressed with her for not taking any pain killers at all. Luckily her labor went so fast.

It’s so crazy to see my little sister with a baby. Being witness to Steph as a new mother in the hospital was intense. All of the sudden it just hit me that I have two sisters with their own babies. It was like I realized that we’re growing up… for real. I had this moment where the last 23 years of my life flashed before my eyes and I knew that the next 23 years are going to just fly by.

Seeing my younger sister with a baby does make me think about having a baby myself. Obviously, I don’t have to decide today if I’m going to have kids, but whenever I do consider it, I just don’t feel ready. Mostly because I’m afraid that I’d be forced to give up on dreams that I have for myself. Of course the problem with that is that I don’t have much to show for accomplishing my dreams and goals thus far. More than anything, now I feel more motivated to live my life, get to work right away, and accomplish the things I want.

I’m so proud of my sister. She wanted to be a mom so bad and I already know she’s going to kick ass at it. My little nephew Charlie is amazing and it’s so exciting that I’m going to get to see him grow up.


One response to “Welcome Baby Charlie!

  • Ashley F

    Wow, your younger sister is having kids now too! Seriously, I’m 23 with my third on the way and it still amazes me every day. It’s STILL weird to look around and see my peers getting married and having kids!

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