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It’s funny how you’re not terribly thirsty, you don’t need to use the bathroom, and you don’t need to wash anything until your water gets shut off. Then suddenly all those things are priority number one and life simply isn’t worth living until the situation is corrected.


living on the sidelines

I discovered blogging about a year and a half ago. I didn’t really understand what it was until I watched “Julie and Julia”. I was so excited by that movie because she was just some girl who committed to something and documented her journey online, garnering lots of followers, book deals, and eventually a movie.

Obviously, who wouldn’t want to be discovered like that and achieve all kinds of success, but what really got my attention was her story and the fact that THAT is what blogging is all about: STORIES.

Immediately after watching the movie, I stumbled around on the internet looking for blogs that interested and inspired me. I had also recently gotten on a fitness kick and had begun to lose a bunch of weight. Searching for health and fitness motivation, I ended up finding this blog- .

Of all the blogs I’ve followed since then, this one has had a special place in my heart. Zuzanna (the trainer) and her husband Freddy (the camera man) provide daily short interval training workouts that KICK YOUR BUTT. If you really look through the site and all their youtube¬† videos you can see how far they’ve come over the last few years. The first videos she was so much less comfortable in front of the camera, and now they regularly get over 100,000 views on each of their videos within the first couple days of posting them. It was such a simple idea and it flourished; short workout videos regularly for free. It has developed into quite a health and fitness community.

This site is responsible for my “pie in the sky” dreams of having a similarly successful blog, I’ve just yet to find my specific niche. What’s particularly inspired me are all the world traveling they do, with camera in hand. You can clearly see that they’ve gotten to a point where they are getting paid to live their lives. Their job is living a healthy lifestyle and putting it online. Now THAT sounds like living the dream to me. I don’t need much, but if I could figure out how to do what they’re doing even on a smaller scale, it would be a dream come true. And I found myself relating with them as a married couple and envisioning myself and Jordan working on a website together while we’re just out living our lives.

Today, I couldn’t believe how sad it made me to find out that Zuzanna and Freddy have decided to get divorced. Obviously, this could spell trouble for their website but that wasn’t what saddened me so much. I guess I’ve just allowed myself to get so wrapped up in their story that I let it become my dream and I’ve gotten attached to it. In a way it feels like some close friends of mine are splitting up and I’d so depended upon them for an example in my life.

I feel frustrated that I’ve let it have that much of an impact on me. I should NOT be this upset over some random people that I’ve never met. As I’ve been writing this, I think I’ve locked onto where my frustration comes from. I’ve been living vicariously through them and their awesome site. Gotta admit, it makes me sad to even see myself typing this. I certainly don’t want to be living on the sidelines all my life watching other people follow their dreams.


sick sick sick…

Bleh, I don’t think I’ve felt this sick in a long time. Or more specifically, I don’t think I’ve felt this kind of sickness in so long. It’s the kind where your sinuses are so clogged that you have a constant flow of tears running down your cheeks and snot running out your nose. It would not surprise me at all if my whole head exploded from the pressure.

It’s so lame to be stuck in bed, but I need to be getting better so I’m taking care. I read about this lady who eats a vegan diet, and whenever she or her family get sick, they switch to completely raw foods and usually their sickness doesn’t last long at all. I haven’t been doing that, in fact being sick has made me a little bit vulnerable to cheating on my diet. I remembered that last night and I figure it’s worth a shot to get me back in working order.