On With The Show!

I can’t believe that dress rehearsals are over!!! Oh have I mentioned that I’m the pianist for the pit of our local production of Beauty and the Beast? Well, now that you know it’s all about to be over… Our first performance is tomorrow night and we’re only running for two weeks.

I’ve been involved in music since that magical night when we got our first piano. I had to have been 4 years old. My young music life culminated with a solo performance with an orchestra playing a magnificent concerto at age 16. It was a huge goal for me. Since that performance, I was never quite able to capture the magic again. I tried over and over but I couldn’t find that passion.

I finally allowed myself about a year ago to not make piano my life’s purpose. This may seem silly, but being a concert pianist has always felt like my destiny and I never wanted to give up on that. It’s been something of a relief to let that dream go. I hadn’t really touched a piano for about a year before beginning to work on this show.

From the first band rehearsal, I knew this was going to be something special. I feel like I’ve discovered a love for music that I’ve never quite had. Maybe it’s the Disney magic. 🙂 I’m so happy to be a part of this show and to be putting together a production with other talented musicians. I feel truly honored. Not only that, but it’s inspired me to work on other music as well.

One important difference in this music experience is that I’m not so concerned with performing incredibly difficult music. I’ve always striven for technical mastery, but now I’m taking a step back and appreciating what simplicity has to offer. In fact, I have a feeling I’ll be working on some pretty easy stuff for me in the coming future and I truly couldn’t be more excited about it.

Here’s to a great show!



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