A Blogging Query

I’ve determined that I’m going to write something everyday, no matter what.  It’s a small enough commitment that I don’t think I can fail, but of course here I am writing  for only the second day in a row and I don’t know what to write about.

The only things that come to mind, I’m afraid may not be appropriate for the internet. I’m not talking x-rated material haha, but issues that are heavy on my heart. Relationships. Sometimes I think that I would just want to go ahead and put my whole life out there on the internet, but I am afraid that sometimes the truth can hurt people.

On the one hand, perhaps being consistently honest and open could be less hurtful than hiding feelings, or talking behind people’s backs, or bottling up emotions until they get to a boiling point and you do something can damage your relationship.

And on the other hand, putting your thoughts and feelings about other people on the internet for anyone to read could definitely be a betrayal of trust. Particularly when the things that usually weigh heavy on your heart aren’t pleasant. They are things that confuse you, hurt you… etc. which is why you want to write about them in the first place.

Haha, maybe I just need a therapist.


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