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On With The Show!

I can’t believe that dress rehearsals are over!!! Oh have I mentioned that I’m the pianist for the pit of our local production of Beauty and the Beast? Well, now that you know it’s all about to be over… Our first performance is tomorrow night and we’re only running for two weeks.

I’ve been involved in music since that magical night when we got our first piano. I had to have been 4 years old. My young music life culminated with a solo performance with an orchestra playing a magnificent concerto at age 16. It was a huge goal for me. Since that performance, I was never quite able to capture the magic again. I tried over and over but I couldn’t find that passion.

I finally allowed myself about a year ago to not make piano my life’s purpose. This may seem silly, but being a concert pianist has always felt like my destiny and I never wanted to give up on that. It’s been something of a relief to let that dream go. I hadn’t really touched a piano for about a year before beginning to work on this show.

From the first band rehearsal, I knew this was going to be something special. I feel like I’ve discovered a love for music that I’ve never quite had. Maybe it’s the Disney magic. 🙂 I’m so happy to be a part of this show and to be putting together a production with other talented musicians. I feel truly honored. Not only that, but it’s inspired me to work on other music as well.

One important difference in this music experience is that I’m not so concerned with performing incredibly difficult music. I’ve always striven for technical mastery, but now I’m taking a step back and appreciating what simplicity has to offer. In fact, I have a feeling I’ll be working on some pretty easy stuff for me in the coming future and I truly couldn’t be more excited about it.

Here’s to a great show!



Thanksgiving Pictures

I desperately need a new camera. I was so disappointed with my Thanksgiving pictures. I managed to get a few that weren’t blurry, but my camera is blurring soooo many of my pictures. AND no matter how many times I clean the lens I still manage to get these weird spots on my photos. Well, it’s going to have to do until I can afford a new one. It’s on the priority list for sure.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get good pictures of everyone, but here are the keepers.

And of course there was only ONE picture of me the whole night and Brooklyn isn’t even looking at the camera. Oh well, hopefully the Christmas pictures will be better.

A Thanksgiving (Dinner) Grump

Is it really Thanksgiving today? I woke up this morning and all the internet is a buzz with Turkey fever. Part of me feels like the Scrooge of Thanksgiving this year. It’s not that I’m not thankful for things in my life, I’m just so over this holiday business.

Particularly what I’m so over is the fact that I never really have a say in what my holidays are going to be like. Holidays are days of obligation to other people’s plans.

My excitement for Thanksgiving has also decreased significantly since adopting this vegan diet. Earlier this week I had a pre-Thanksgiving dinner with my family who went out of town for the holiday. The meal was yummy for sure, but shortly after dinner and the subsequent 3 hours were spent with intense stomach cramps. I’m really not to eager to repeat that experience. I suppose my body really is adjusting to the new diet. The food I used to eat makes me sick now.

BUT I also know that because this diet is still new(ish) I absolutely cannot show up to Thanksgiving dinner and not eat the food they’ve slaved over. At this point it would be incredibly snobby and insulting to them.

If my diet was motivated by the fight against animal cruelty and I refused to eat meat on principle, perhaps I could get away without eating. Alas, my purposes are health related and my whole family knows that I have small cheats once in a while. The problem is Thanksgiving dinner could hardly be considered a small cheat.

It seems like pretty much every status in my Facebook and twitter feeds is about excitement for the Thanksgiving FEAST. Other years I would be content to stuff my face full of food in one sitting, but right now the idea of that turns my stomach. So if nothing else, this year I intend to control my portion sizes. My new plan is from here on out I’ll be as consistent as possible so next year I won’t have to eat a typical Thanksgiving dinner.

Haha, I love how I’m being strategic about getting out of Thanksgiving dinner. Who does that?


Down another 3 pounds! It’s been quite a while since I weighed in. I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t been flawless with diet and exercise, but I’d bet I’ve been about 90%. Apparently it’s been enough to keep me moving in the right direction.

Quite frankly, it was a relief. Because I’ve been putting off this weigh in for so long, part of me felt sure that I’d screwed up my diet once again. 3 pounds in the last month isn’t spectacular weight loss, but I’d take small weight loss/maintenance any day over gaining ANY weight back.

I’ve hit another milestone as well. Back when I first started losing weight last year, one of my goals was to reach 160 so I could qualify for the Army’s height and weight standards. So here I am, totally qualified. 🙂 I like that a lot. Now of course it’s kinda funny to see that as my milestone because I’ve completely lost every desire to join the military.

I was kinda using the Military goal as an escape. Sometimes it’s scary to think about how serious I’d gotten about it. Now that I have other better plans for my life I can realize that I was just so unhappy and lacked direction. Joining the Army was something and that’s all.

I won’t say that since giving up on that goal I’ve gone out and conquered the world or anything, but it’s nice that I can finally believe in myself and what I can accomplish.

My heart goes out to those who do choose to serve our country. I really hope that our government can get their act together and treat the Military with the respect, honor, and basic decency that they deserve.


Happy Birthday Joey!

Dear Joey,

I gotta admit you’re my favorite twin brother (even if you were born 11 1/2 years younger than me).

Obviously there is a huge age difference in these pictures (He's 12, and I was 2), but I'm convinced that this picture of me illustrates the most resemblance.

I remember the day you were born. It was so magical. It may be silly, but because you were born with red hair just like me I felt a special connection to you from the start.

Now, you’re so grown up! I’ve loved watching you grow up and I love that you’re now at an age where not only are you my cool little brother, but you’re becoming such a good friend to me.

I want you to know that no matter what, I’m here for you. Karen’s got your back. You are such a special person and don’t you forget it. I love you so much.

PS- Teach me gymnastics!!!



A Blogging Query

I’ve determined that I’m going to write something everyday, no matter what.  It’s a small enough commitment that I don’t think I can fail, but of course here I am writing  for only the second day in a row and I don’t know what to write about.

The only things that come to mind, I’m afraid may not be appropriate for the internet. I’m not talking x-rated material haha, but issues that are heavy on my heart. Relationships. Sometimes I think that I would just want to go ahead and put my whole life out there on the internet, but I am afraid that sometimes the truth can hurt people.

On the one hand, perhaps being consistently honest and open could be less hurtful than hiding feelings, or talking behind people’s backs, or bottling up emotions until they get to a boiling point and you do something can damage your relationship.

And on the other hand, putting your thoughts and feelings about other people on the internet for anyone to read could definitely be a betrayal of trust. Particularly when the things that usually weigh heavy on your heart aren’t pleasant. They are things that confuse you, hurt you… etc. which is why you want to write about them in the first place.

Haha, maybe I just need a therapist.