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A trip down memory lane in our ’96 Ford Explorer

   Here is our old Explorer. We decided to finally get rid of it the other day. It really wasn’t doing much for us these days except taking up room in the driveway, looking like a piece of crap, and tempting us to drive it without insurance. We’d already decided not to drive it anymore, and we’ll go for a more fuel efficient vehicle next.

As punishment for taking it out when we weren’t supposed to, a tire exploded in the middle of it’s last journey. This picture doesn’t really do the damage justice, but it was pretty intense. It was the wake up call we needed apparently because we knew right then we didn’t want to spend another dime on fixing that tire or anything else to make it road worthy.

Somehow we managed to drive it back home. Luckily, we were only a couple of miles away. The whole drive home you could hear the ka-thud and the slap of the exploded tire each time it completed it’s rotation and we got quite a bit of attention. My favorite was this guy in his shiny new convertible that was trying to point out to us while we were driving that our tire had a problem. As if we couldn’t tell. Haha.

We got this baby about 3 1/2 years ago. So just before Jordan and I got married. This master of transportation came with many charms. It seemed to be busted for drugs before it came to us, because all the door panels were ripped off, and there were little drug baggies (empty… haha) all over. And let’s not forget the assorted box of condoms left in the back. No joke- at least 50 condoms. This girl wasn’t messing around (we know it was a she there was a picture of her and her daughter left in here as well). It was a pretty trashed up vehicle. But a little scrubbing down and it worked just fine for us.


The only personal touch we left was this sticker for I guess the radio station she listened to all the time. I still haven’t listened to it once, but I guess it let us pay tribute to the memories of this vehicle.





I’m happy to say we did make an improvement or two to this vehicle besides the regular car maintenance. This lovely rear view mirror was put in only after putting up with the 4 times cracked mirror for over two years. The cracked mirror made for some distorted views, but no one got hurt so it must’ve not been too bad.


Our other improvement was the radio Jordan sneakily installed one day. It was fun having it while it lasted, but I’m afraid one of the hazards of not having a key to lock the doors on the car and maybe living in a not so great neighborhood is getting broken into. The only thing we really lost to one of the break ins was the radio, which wasn’t even a CD player. If they tried to sell it at a pawn shop, they maybe got 5 bucks for it. Not worth your self respect.  Our car was broken into several other times and each time it’s like they wanted us to know they came  even though they didn’t steal anything (we never kept anything valuable in there) they’d leave the glove box open or the console, or a light on. Bad criminaling if you ask me.

As we cleaned it out for it to get towed away, all I could think of were the good times we’d had in this car. Even if it is a piece of crap, it represents a big part of our lives. The first time I saw the Explorer was when Jordan picked me up from my grandparents house after I got stuck in the snow driving home from a 3 week trip to California. Since we started dating, that was and still is the longest we’ve spent apart and it was really hard to be away from Jordan for that long. He didn’t know I was coming home that day and when I got stuck in the snow, he immediately drove up to pick me up (Luckily, I got trapped pretty close to my grandparent’s house so I could chill with them while I waited). I missed Jordan so much and I was so excited to see him drive up in this roughed up suv. It seemed really sad to me to part with it. I guess I’m a hoarder, but this old junker was more than a vehicle to me. It represented our beginnings. Good bye Explorer. You will be missed and remembered.


So long, Captain

So I got all attached to Captain Jethro Magnifico Picard the Third in his first few days of being at our home. And then we started to get to know him and we realized that it was going to be a good deal of work to really blend him with our other two dogs, more work than we can handle. Interestingly enough, it wasn’t until after we’d decided to not keep him, that his not so awesome behaviors were really put on display. He started being sneaky and stole human food from the counters and tables when our backs were turned. The worst example being that he ate almost half of my birthday cake. 😦

It can be hard to keep a dog in your home and not be attached to him. We kept trying to go about getting him a new home the “right” way by going through an agency, but you can’t just drop off a dog there, they’ll only take them conditionally. Annoying. Finally, I just put a “free to good home” ad on Craigslist and I had at least 4 people in line to take him.

Captain’s new owner, Melanie, seems to have the perfect home for him. I’m sure it will be a good fit. Even though I’ve gotten very ready to be rid of him in the last week or so, when faced with having to say good bye to him for real, I was having a hard time. I didn’t care about the little mis behaviors or anything. I just wanted to love him. I really hope that he’s happy with his permanent home.

Death and Life

I was just watching True Grit and there was a scene where a side character was murdered out of nowhere by his traveling companion and then we got to see his last moments and hear his last words. I don’t know what it was about that moment that struck me so much, but it got me thinking about death, particularly my own inevitable death.

I hope that I live a long life and eventually come to terms with the idea of death, but right now it’s such a scary thought that I might just cease to exist. I believe in an afterlife of sorts even if I don’t know all the particulars, but what if I’m wrong and when my heart stops beating, my “soul”, my personality, my consciousness disappears with it. Right now, the only thing I can imagine my last moments to be is a time filled with overwhelming fear and panic about what’s at the end of my life journey.

Obviously, if when I die there is nothing to await me on the other side, and my soul has ceased to exist, my non existent soul probably won’t care too much. Even if all these fears are silly and there is a greater purpose for me after death, really considering death in reference with your life makes you want to have as full of a life as possible. It makes me want to cherish special moments, take advantage of opportunities, live without regrets.

I couldn’t resist….

Born at 3:04 AM exactly 23 years ago, Happy Birthday to ME!!!!! I survived another year!!!

One Dreaded Lock

I’ve been considering dreadlocks for a long time now. It’s always been this thing in the back of my mind that once I’ve finished experimenting with my hair color I’d dread my hair. Well, my hair color experimentation phase was cut short by some bad hair products/advice. I had to skip right to the black hair color, which I have been loving like crazy. I’ve wanted to have black hair for sooo sooo long and it’s definitely as cool as I’d hoped it would be.

My original hair plan was to end up with black hair and when I was done with that, move on to dreadlocks. Now that my time frame has been moved up, it’s had me thinking about getting dreadlocks more and more. I can be a bit impulsive at times and this has been no exception. I’ve been wanting pretty badly to just skip on ahead to the dreads even though I’ve only had this hair for a few months.

To assuage my curiosity and anticipation for them, I dreaded one lock of my hair. This gave me a pretty good idea of what I’d be getting into for sure. I’ve done my homework on dreads and will do them in a completely natural way without any products that would damage my hair. Because of my determination to dread the natural way, it took about 2 hours to complete just this one (this is also because my hair has gotten so freakin long).

I am so excited for when I’ll dread my whole head, but I know from this experience that I’m probably going to need at least a few days set aside to do the deed, or one day and a few friends to help. It’s going to be quite an ordeal. Because this let me know that I wasn’t ready to dread my whole head yet, I decided to take it out the next day. I’m an all or nothing kinda girl. I was able to comb it out in about 30 minutes. Not too bad. And no damage to my hair might I add.

I’ll probably dread my entire head in a few months or by the end of the year. In the mean time, I’m going to collect all kinds of beads to put in my dreads. I’m probably most excited for being able to decorate my hair with beads and such. This is going to be so much fun!!!