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A Bodybuilder’s Commitment

As I’m sure you know, if you start lifting weights it can be pretty intimidating to be around those huge body builders. They can get so intense! Personally, I don’t understand why someone would want to get that huge, but there is no question about it, these people are dedicated to their bodies.

The other day I overheard a short conversation between two of these body builders about preparing for shows. This guy said that in preparation for a show he was cutting out carbs entirely for that week. She responded with, “Even vegetables?” and he confirmed that he was cutting vegetables. Then that was it. They moved on. There was no questioning his commitment level.

To the nearby listener, you just knew that he would be follow that diet restriction to the letter. This guy wasn’t a cheater, because he was committed to his body, and his diet was to help that. There was no weakness. It wasn’t even a bold declaration or anything. Just a statement of truth. He isn’t a prisoner to his poor eating habits. It was extremely motivating.

I don’t want to be a body builder. I don’t even want to cut carbs from my diet. But I do want to have ultimate dedication to my body. I’m ready to have control over my diet for real. I had it at one time last year, and then I got so caught up in trying to reach a specific number on the scale that I forgot about some of the basics of a healthy, in control diet. I’m back.


I freakin love The Voice!

American Idol has never come close to capturing the kind of magic that was captured on the Voice tonight with this song “Landslide” by Stevie Nicks and Javier Colon. Just sayin. I hope these artists don’t just get thrown into the producer/songwriter world like the American Idol winners do. I want to see their talent properly showcased.

Watching The Voice has been pretty fun and I’m a bit sad that it’s already over while also glad they didn’t draw out the finals for forever. I’ve also been really impressed with the level of talent and the actual musicianship of the contestants! It’s been such a cool show and I’m definitely excited for season 2!

Babies Everywhere

It’s astonishing to me to see how many people are rushing through life, particularly the whole kids and family aspect of life. It seems that everywhere I look, someone’s having a baby. And so many of them are my age or younger! Part of me just wants to grab them and give em a good shake while screaming, “just wait for a second!!!” I guess these people probably wouldn’t look at it like that. They might look at me and say, “What are you waiting for?”

No disrespect intended. I think kids are great, I just can’t see how I could possibly handle that responsibility in my life right now. And I have a really hard time relating with or understanding how everybody else wants that. My fear is that in having kids I would miss out on so much that life has to offer, but on the flip side, what would I be missing out on if I didn’t have any kids? So my plan is to do my best to time it just right. So basically not any time soon.

Congratulations to my big sis who just had her second child. Baby Katelyn really is amazing. And Katelyn’s big sis, Aubrey, is growing up so fast and I’m excited to see her grow and develop even more.


Yesterday, we went to Seattle with the fam to support my Dad and my friend Maura in running the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon. They both finished strong and it was super cool to see them and all the other runners complete their marathons. Check out their finish videos!!! My awesome dad finished his and then walked back till he found Maura and ran it in with her as well.

Usually when I think of people who run marathons, I think they’re nuts. And although it would be cool to say that you’ve run a marathon, actually training for and then doing the deed sound like absolute misery. But when you’re standing there at the finish line and you watch your loved ones and 35000 others complete it, suddenly you get pretty inspired and it doesn’t seem so impossible. I want to be one of those crazies. So I’ve set a new goal for myself- I’m going to run this marathon in one year. Look out!!!

I wanna be a Steam Punk Girl

Hat Numba 1

It’s been a little while since I’ve done any crocheting, and I’ve been in a majorly crafty mood lately. So I found a bunch of patterns for hats, and I don’t think Ill be able to stop at just one. Here’s my hat for the day.

Father’s Day Cake

For Father’s Day this year, I set out to make my Dad this sweater in a gift box cake. I’ve never tried making fancy cakes before, but all kinds of people around me seem to be getting really into it, plus I really enjoy watching “Cake Boss” so I figured I’d give it a whirl. Let me start out by saying that fancy cake making/decorating is not for the faint of heart.

The first step was making those lovely blue and white striped side panels for the gift box. On my first attempt, I forgot to dye the frosting blue, so I had to start over. On the second attempt, my royal icing was too thin and didn’t dry overnight. So for the third attempt, I thickened up the royal icing ,did the white stripes and everything seemed to be working out just fine, until it wasn’t :(. After leaving the royal icing panels for more than 48 hours, they still hadn’t completely hardened and they fell apart when I tried to stand them up. So much for my box, I didn’t have two more days to give it another try.


But the cake turned out alright, everyone loved it! I thought it tasted pretty good myself! Hopefully it actually looks like a sweater. My dad is so awesome. I’m super lucky to have had such a great dad. And he looks awesome rockin his Nacho shirt.